Mister Movie Cine bullet Review

Mister Movie

Release date : April 14, 2017
Cine bullet Rating : 2.75/5
Director : Srinu Vaitla
Producer : Nallamalupu Bujji, Tagore Madhu
Music Director : Mickey J Meyer
Starring : Varun Tej, Hebah Patel, Lavanya Tripathi

Mister is a do or die film for Sreenu Vaitla as the success of this movie will bring him back in the game. After a huge promotions, the family drama has released today and let’s see whether Sreenu Vaitla makes a comeback or not.
Chai(Varun) is an NRI settled in Spain who falls in love with Meera(Hebah Patel). But to his bad luck, Meera likes someone else and leaves back to India for her wedding. One fine day, she calls up Chai and says that she is in a lot of trouble and requests him to save her.
Left with no choice, Chai lands in India but gets engrossed in an even bigger mess from Chandramukhi(Lavanya) and her family. Rest of the story is as to how Chai deals with the problems of these girls all alone and ends up marrying one of them.
Plus Points:-
The first half has some breezy moments as the love story between Varun and Hebah has been showcased in a decent way. You can see the vintage Sreenu Vaitla comedy during this time as Srinivasa Reddy and Raghu Babu’s episode evokes good fun.
Varun Tej performs to the best of his capabilities and tries to shoulder the film till the end. Performance-wise, he has done a decent job and is improving with every film. Hebah Patel gets a meaty role and does well with her simple character. Sadly, Lavanya Tripathi had very little to do in the film but she makes the most of it and looks elegant in her traditional role.
Minus Points:-
Once again, Sreenu Vaitla falls short of expectations and derails the film. Just when you think he is back with a decent first half, Vailta makes the last ten minutes in the first half and the entire second half go for a toss.
Technical Aspects:-
Sreenu Vaitla makes the film look quite grand as the production values and the village set up look realistic. Camera work is very good as the Europe visuals and India set up have been showcased through some top aerial shots. Dialogues are witty in true Sreenu Vaitla style. Editing is pathetic as at least 15 minutes of the film could have been easily edited out. Varun Tej’s styling is unimpressive as he looks quite disoriented as an NRI.

Cine bullet Rating : 2.75/5

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